Tuesday, November 9, 2010

White Arms of Athena

(Cover of their new album "Astrodrama")

White Arms Of Athena is a technical/progressive metal band hailing from Mesquite, Texas.  The band has released three EP's (all of which can be downloaded for free on their MySpace), and is currently working on their full-length "Astrodrama,"produced by the legendary Jamie King.

The bands music expands on the already vast array of attributes that come with a progressive metal band.  With sounds ranging from cluttered grind riffs paying tasteful respects to Between the Buried and Me, solid heavy riffs to bang head to, along with peacefully structured ambient passages that soothe you just in time for another full-on attack of the senses, this band does it all with precision and originality.

Their lyricism and overall vibe from the instruments give their tunes a certain futuristic, other-worldly  touch that only heavy-hitters in progressive metal, such as Cynic, can pull off.  This is a major sign of a band who knows their music inside and out, and makes the wait on "Astrodrama" seem like a very promising one.

Along with the three free EP's available on their MySpace, the band has released two songs off of "Astrodrama."  The tracks give a great taste of the upcoming album, as well as of the sophistication in musicianship that these guys are bringing to the table.  The tracks are a foreshadowing of the onslaught these guys will be waging on the metal scene.  Quite simply, everyone should think about upping their game now that White Arms of Athena are around.

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