Friday, November 12, 2010

Hallowed Butchery


Hailing from Kennebec County, ME, Hallowed Butchery is a one man Experimental Black/Doom/Folk metal act that is creating some of the most innovative and original doom to date.  HB has three releases total (one of which can be ordered on the band website on CD or Vinyl).

(Ryan Scott Fairfield - The sole member of Hallowed Butchery.  He is also the front man of the thrash/death band Terrible Old Man)

HB's first release, "Funeral Rites for the Living," is a nine track EP that spans just about thirty minutes.  This EP pretty much buys you a front-row ticket to a thirty minute ritual of the occult deep within the woods of Maine.  To do so, Fairfield combines aspects of long drawn out drone passages with passages that go acoustic.  It's an odd musical composition, but it's damn-near flawless due to its bright originality and great production.  Hell, the closing track on the EP is a cover of Neil Young's "After the Gold Rush."  That's right - Badass.

This year, HB has churned out two different releases, the first of which being a four track demo tape (that's right - cassette tape) entitled "Canticle of the Beast: A Collection of Unreleased Demos."  The tape was limited to 100 copies.  Following up "Canticle of the Beast" is a split album between HB and Batillus.  The split spans 28:50, and includes two new HB tracks.  A sample of the split as well as tracks from "Canticles of the Beast" are included on the bands MySpace page.

Never forgetting the importance in the originality of music, Hallowed Butchery brings a new spin to the doom metal genre.  Each track is a unique incantation that will leave you unnerved and haunted - In the best possible way, of course.

(Funeral Rites of the Living - EP)

(Canticle of the Beast: A Collection of Unreleased Demos - Demo)

(Batillus/Hallowed Butchery Split)

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