Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Saddest Landscape - You Will Not Survive


Band: The Saddest Landscape
Album: You Will Not Survive
Genre: Screamo

The Saddest Landscape has come a long way since their formation years ago.  Early on, they established themselves as one of the forerunners in the screamo/emo scene, combining hauntingly atmospheric passages with riffs and beats of complete chaos to follow.  Their latest release, "You Will Not Survive" is more than just another screamo album.  This album is a milestone in the career of a band that continually grows upon itself.

This album is a true gem, in that there is nothing like it.  This is still The Saddest Landscape, yet its them in a completely different light.  Their growing musical talents, along with the bond that these band members share is reflected clearly in the music that they produce on this record.  Being a fan of the band for a year or two now, I've grown accustom to how these guys sound, and to hear something that is completely different, yet almost exactly the same really says a lot about the where the heart of this music lies. It shows a great sophistication in the musical abilities of the band.

Most of the songs off "You Will Not Survive," are in the same vein of pretty much all the other songs TSL have made.  The exception that makes these songs even better than usual, is the fact that these are all sad or angry songs, and they are clinging to the past in the same way we cling to our painful memories.  This quality of the album gives the listener a very personal experience while listening.

Tracks such as "Declaring A War On Nostalgia," and "Imperfect, But Ours" are prime examples of the rage and pain that is engrained deep down into every note of this album.  Every scream is a haunting reminder of the skeletons in your closet that surround you every day.   It's this aspect of the album that listeners will be able to relate to most.  Each one of the songs touches a fear, insecurity, dread, or pain and lets you know that you're not alone in your feelings.  

On the technical end of the album.  All is the same in the musics form.  I don't want to say that the music is rehashed, because, honestly, some of the band's best work to date is on this album.  The music is simply familiar.  It's the emotions driving the music that are different this time around.  It's almost as if The Saddest Landscape are allowing the listener to live vicariously through their music on this album.

The sound of the release is phenomenal, as well.  This is another characteristic of the album that contributes to a more mature sound.  This album doesn't sound like it was recorded in a basement (not that that's a bad thing).  It has a very polished sound, which I feel gives this album not only more accessibility, as well as makes a bolder statement when conveying the emotions of the music to the listener.

I'd like to think that this whole album is a musical representation of the journey that this band has gone on.  "You Will Not Survive" pulls traces of all their previous releases, mends them all into one sound, and then presents the emotions of the artists at this point in their life.  It's almost like a musical documentary on the lives of these guys.

So, if you are already a fan of The Saddest Landscape, I highly encourage you to track this album down.  It's their best to date, and the band shows no sign of letting up on the intensity as the years go on.  Also, if you are new to screamo, pick this album up.  It is very accessible for first time screamo listeners.  I'm giving this a green-light for pretty much anyone who has an interest in the emotional side of screamo.  

Score: 9/10

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