Sunday, October 17, 2010

Last Chance To Reason

(Photo Credit: Jessica Harvey)

When it comes to progressive metal, one can expect just about anything.  Bands like Dream TheaterHunab Ku or even Augury prove this point.  What I'm saying is, in the realm of progressive metal, just about anything goes, and anything could be the next big thing.  Last Chance To Reason hopes to be that thing, exactly.

Hailing from Augusta, ME, Last Chance To Reason is further blurring the lines of, as well as expanding on, the already vast landscape that is progressive metal.  With the wait on their new concept-album, "Level 2," soon to be announced, fans are growing anxious for the drop of the album, as well as what comes with the record.

The band's new concept-album is based on a video-game that the band wrote and are making themselves, with the help of a Mr. Tom Vine.  The band wrote about the album/game on their MySpace saying:

"Level 2 is a new take on both the concept album and the videogame. It is a melding of both arts into a unified experience. In Level 2 you will battle through fully interactive interpretations of Last Chance to Reason’s futuristic progressive metal. The game/album’s story unfolds through thematic riffs, stirring vocal hooks and progressive virtuosity while the player blasts his way through viscous gameplay inspired by classics such as R-Type, Contra, and Super Metroid. Level 2, a collaboration between LCTR and indie game developer Tom Vine is slated for release in 2010."

Now, If you're wondering what the video-game will look like, here is a quick 10 second clip of the boss at the end of the first level:

Last Chance To Reason is an up-and-coming force to be reckoned with.  The six piece band bring the sounds of two schools of progressive axe-work, a six string bass, futuristic murmurs via key-board, drums so complex you'd swear the guy had three arms, and a mix of clean and harsh vocals that will hush you with allure, and beat you to the ground with no remorse.  

These guys have already finished one tour with the band Iron Thrones, and will start touring the album more as the release date grows closer.  The band also has just been announced to be on Prosthetic Records.  You can check the band's MySpace and Facebook for future live shows coming near you.  The brutality of their music can be heard in their recordings, and felt as they dominate the stage live.  It's a show you will certainly not want to miss.  

If you're a fan of heavy music whatsoever (or video-games, for that matter), I highly recommend you check these guys out, and urge you to keep an eye out for them.  Their futuristic brutality can not, and will not be stopped.