Thursday, September 23, 2010

Flannel Collective

(Cover of Flannel Volume Two, Number One)

Okay, so let's be honest.  Who of you readers outside New England can actually locate the great state of Maine on a map.  Who of you have even heard of Maine?!  My point exactly.  Any tourist that you ask will tell you about the lovely, quaint coast of Maine, all the lovely lighthouses to admire, and all the cute little rink-dink inns that you can stay at when you go there.  But, fuck all that jazz.  The publishers of Flannel Magazine are here to give you an actual glimpse into the true culture of Maine.  

The contents of the magazine are filled with work from local artists all around Maine, that spans from writings, drawings, photographs, and adds for local Maine businesses and bands, and they are currently working on putting together their fifth issue.  The magazine aims to give the reader a distinct feeling for what Maine art is really about.  If you want to get your hands on a copy of the latest issue, or are a Maine artist or band looking to get your name out there by submitting work, send an email to  Issues of Flannel have been sent around the world, including Australia.  Their fan basis continues to grow day by day, and the prices are super cheap.  If you're interested in Flannel, check out their official website, or check them out on facebook.

Unfortunately, the latest issue is sold out at this time.  But, dropping them an email now, will certainly help ensure that you get your hands on the next issue, which they are currently working on.  The more support this local magazine gets, the bigger it will become.  So if you are a supporter of the local arts at all, you should check this out, and keep local DIY art thriving.

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